The Paper Dreams is a newsletter to share my writing, and a home for my stories and poems.

Who am I?

I am a writer. No, not the one who won that literary prize. Not even the one who got published. I am the one who is still making her way.

I have donned a few different hats over the last couple of decades - telemarketer, reporter, deputy editor, assistant director, script writer, part-time teacher, full time mom, lazy cook, and a wife who swings between thinking her husband looks like George Clooney and wanting to toss him over our apartment balcony.

Somewhere in my early to mid-40's I figured that those stories that I kept coming up with, those characters that never left me in peace needed to find a home. Now I write, edit, pretend to write and edit, read, read, read, and daydream of being the next Jane Austen. Sometimes I daydream about winning the Pulitzer and the Booker in the same year for my magnum opus that combines great wisdom with dry wit and solves the world's problems. In the meantime, this newsletter, Paper Dreams.

What is Paper Dreams about?

Stories, some poems and me figuring my way over, around  and through this whole writing business. I wish it were not a business. I wish I could just write and then interested folks could read, and none of us would go hungry ever again and we'd all live in peace. Newsletters could just be the answer to my prayers... some of them at the least. Here I will gather my stories and poems that deal with the beauty in the ordinary, with the joy, horror, ugliness and heroism hiding right under our noses.  

What will you get if you sign up?

I will alternate between a short story and a poem, each of them accompanied by a shortish post talking about my particular struggles, doubts, fears and hopes related to writing and publishing, which I am beginning to realise are not so unique after all. Will also throw in an inspirational writer story once in a while so that any reader out there who may be a writer like me doesn't throw in the towel.

Going forward, I will be offering more, but for now these are the first few baby steps from Paper Dreams, which I hope will leave you with a story that entertains and occasionally, even surprises.

Thank you for reading, and if you like what you get in your inbox, do tell your friends about it. I look forward to having you with me on this journey.


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Binu Sivan

Writer, mother, mountain lover.